6th Puesto

Grupo Nueve

Nelly Sosa

love everything about life im 27 mexican American living in atl. Never stop dreaming

¿Por qué te gustaría ganar?

Me gustaría ganar porque me gustaria usar el dinero para ayudar a mi familia y abrir mi negocio para ayudar ninos con disabilities. I would love to have tbe oppurtunity to have my beautiful family all together. As well as my dreams have always been to open up a preschool . I NOW changed to austim or special needs my interest now would be more on opening a facility for the beautiful kids. FINISH my book and children's book. Live to see my dreams come to true. Never stop believing

¿Qué harías con el dinero si ganas?

Legalize my family open my center for the children and help others .